Bengali Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai


Born in the land of many cultures and languages, we are fortunate to witness and live with various communities all around us. Each brings along with it its own rich culture, history, and story. Amongst all others, Bengalis make for an outstanding community of people. Bongs, wherever they go leave behind a mark with their sweetness and always welcoming nature. The Bengali brides can be spotted from a distance owing to their sharp mesmerizing eyes and beautiful facial features.

The Bengali weddings like other Indian weddings, too are a series of many interesting and joyous festivities.

The highlighting features of a bong bride are her red silk Banarasi saree heavily embroidered with gold zari threads, kohl-filled mascara-laden beautiful eyes, and Chandan bindi along with red and white encircling dots along with the eyebrows, and how to forget the red bold lips.

Some Bengali bridal makeup tips to make her look even more adorable!

Here we have got for you some easy-to-follow tips to be your best if you are “to be” a Bengali bride.

     Chandan Bindi: The Chandan Bindi is one of the mandatory elements of a Bengali bride's makeup. While it looks just the right thing on a bride’s face it has a scientific reason behind too . Chandan has all the cooling properties to soothe the bride’s forehead and mind so that she stays calm even during stressful marriage days.

     The encircling red and white bindis on the forehead: Without this one, the Bengali bridal look looks incomplete. The bride’s eyebrow area is decorated with beautiful dotted bindi lines all around the forehead area.

     Doe eye makeup: As an already known fact, a Bengali’s eyes speak a thousand words. To accentuate the beauty of their eye, doe eye makeup just adds to the girl’s beauty!

     Red bold lips: Any Indian wedding is just incomplete with a red color element. Red a symbol of love and blood is seen on the bride’s lip, hands, and feet looking just as adorable as the bride herself.

There can be numerous ways by which the bride can be decked to look her most beautiful on her Big day. We along with our experienced team ensure to make the “to be” bride fall in love with her makeup look that she would surely cherish for the longest time. We truly believe in forming family relations with our clients and giving “The” best to our lovely brides to be !

With us, your search for the best Bengali bridal makeup artist in Mumbai would end. Once you spot us the rest of the responsibility to make and feel no less than a queen on your special day will be ours.

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