Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha 2022


There is a solid reason and story behind the celebration of every festival. There is also a story of 'Karva Chauth', a festival held by women for the welfare of their husbands, which women listen to on the day of fasting in the form of a story. Although there are many stories of Karva Chauth, but the origin of all is the same. It is said that the reading of the fast story on the day of Karva Chauth is of great importance. This practice has been going on for centuries and all married women follow it completely.

Karva Chauth Fasting Story

The Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna Paksha is called Karva Chauth. In this, by worshiping Ganesh ji, he is pleased with the donation of worship, its legislation has been written in the Chaturthi of Chaitra. But the specialty is that wheat is worshiped full of karva in it and sugar is sent to married girls from Pihar. And after listening to the following story, the fast is opened by offering Ardhya to the moon.

Story- A moneylender had seven boys and one girl. Along with Sethani, her daughters-in-law and daughter had kept the fast of Karva Chauth. When the Sahakar's boys started eating at night, they asked their sister for food. To this the sister replied- Brother! The moon has not come out yet, when it comes out, I will eat food by giving args. After listening to the sister, what did the brothers do that they lit the fire after going out of the city and taking a sieve and showing the light from it, they said to the sister - Sister! The moon has come out and eat food after giving args. Hearing this, he told his sisters-in-law that come, you should also offer prayers to the moon, but she knew this scandal, she said, 'Bai ji! The moon has not come out yet, your brothers are showing the light of fire through a sieve, while deceiving you. Even after listening to the sisters-in-law, he did not pay any attention and ate the light shown by the brothers by giving args. Ganesh ji was displeased with him for breaking this light fast. After this her husband became seriously ill and whatever was in the house got involved in his illness. When he came to know about the faults he had committed, he repented and started fasting on Chaturthi again by law, praying to Ganesha. Respecting everyone according to reverence, he devoted his mind to receiving the most blessings. Lord Ganesha became pleased on seeing this light with her devotion and devotion, and after giving life to her husband, after healing him, made him endowed with wealth. In this light, whoever renounces deceit and deceit and fasts on Chaturthi with devotion, they will be happy in every way.

Story of Ganesh Ji Vinayak Ji

There was a blind old lady who had a boy and a daughter-in-law of the boy. He was very poor That blind old lady used to worship Ganesha regularly. Ganesh ji used to come face to face and say that old lady, you can ask for whatever you want. The old lady says, if I do not know how to ask, then how and what should I ask for. Then Ganesh ji said to ask his daughter-in-law and ask for it. Then the old lady asked her son and bride, then the son said to ask for money and where did the daughter-in-law ask for the grandson. Then the old lady thought that the son is talking about his own meaning. So when this old lady asked the neighbors, the neighbors said that Budhia is your little life. Why ask for money and grandson, you should ask only for your eyes, so that the rest of your life can be spent happily. That old lady after listening to the words of the son and daughter-in-law and the neighbors thought, going to the house, in which son-daughter-in-law and mine are good, I should also ask for that and should also ask for the thing of my own meaning. When the next day Shri Ganesh ji came and said, what does the old lady ask for? It is our promise that whatever you ask for, you will get it. Hearing the words of Ganesh ji, the old lady said, O Ganaraj! If you are pleased with me, then give me Maya of nine crores, give me a healthy body, give immortal honey, give light in the eyes, give grandchildren, and give happiness to the whole family, and finally give salvation. After listening to the old lady, Ganesh ji said, old mother, you have cheated me. Well, whatever you asked for, you will get it. Saying this, Ganesh ji disappeared. Oh Lord Ganesha! Just as you gave everything to the old mother, in the same way, give it to everyone. And please give us also.

Karva Chauth Celebration

To do Ujman, keep 2 to 4 poori and a little sera in thirteen places in a plate, put a sari blouse and as much money as you want on it. Put your hands around that plate with roli and rice and give it to your mother-in-law. After that, feed the thirteen brahmins and send them off by giving dakshina and applying vindi.