Trending Wedding Decoration Ideas


At weddings, there are so many things to take care of right from your wedding outfits to the wedding decoration. Indeed, when we think about weddings there are bundles of things to do because at weddings every little thing matters. However, the good decoration has a unique charm.

When we talk about wedding decoration, there are several things to think about right from the wedding theme and color or food and many more.

There are several numbers of themes out there with great color combinations and flower decoration, decoration is the most difficult part at weddings because we have to take care of many things like -


              Entrance Decorations.

            Guest table designs and sitting arrangements.

            Centerpiece and number of tables.

            Ceremony Stage and its decoration.

            Sofa arrangement according to the theme and its design.

            A backdrop of the stage.

            Runner towards the stage.

            Seating and chair covers.

            Lighting arrangements.

            Buffet table.



In the market, there are many kinds of themes available right now and the above list is some of the most common things that are taken care of in every theme.



The most trending decorations in 2022


            The Flower String:

Flower decoration is one of the most famous or trending decoration designs. It is perfect for both day and light decorations.


In flower decoration we can use any kind of flower, the most trending flower decoration right now is rose, daisy, orchid, very-peri.


              The DIY Décor

Once, there was a boom period of taking weddings to wedding planners and all arrangements done by them but now it's going down. The budget-friendly era of DIY is one of the top listed decorations. It includes flowers to center decoration. Aur some handmade vintage wall decoration.

    We can have a wooden arch with flowers at the entrance.

    Hanging flowers or woven flowers can be even used for creating crown brands

    Decorating the centering of the table with jars filled up with fairy twinkling lights

    One of the beautiful decorations can add up with backdrop with garlands



               Theme party

Now it's becoming a trend of theme parties whether it’s a celebrating party or wedding décor or a reception. Themes have become a prioritized part of it. Nowadays themes are not just stuck with only colors or a birthday celebration ..but has become a wider celebration.

    Family theme dress- it's very fashionable to give different attentional looks. The family of the groom or bride make a common themed dress either in color or cultural or in makeup or either a broach.

    Cultural theme- the traditions take place back. The ‘rasams’ are taking place with all old traditions in its traditional way only. The family is fully dressed up in their cultural form (like Marathi, Gujarati, etc)

    Vintage themes- The old vintage ethnic décor is also on the list. Since this covid season is going on, people are demanding simple but a matt finished royal look with simplicity. This includes- elegant wedding cards, simple paper wedding invitations, candles, etc.


     Acrylic modern

Acrylic is getting them more attention and is accepted by all with all translucent material like wedding signs, invitations, signage, creative place cards, cake stands, etc.

     Destination Wedding

The most likely and trend going on is destination weddings with all cultural decorations like umbrella décor in Jaipur, royal elephants’ entry in many cities. It all creates sustainability.


     Mood lightening

It’s one of the most gathered ideas by couples with the entrance of crystal lights dangling from trees, changing with each step and beautiful songs behind them..


     Tipi tents for specific functions

Functions like Mehendi or Haldi or ladies sangeet. Having a tent-style décor is best. It includes – like parasols with cutouts, floral prints, or a rustic charming view.