Winter skincare: How to keep your skin healthy throughout these winters


Everyone loves winter but hates how it affects our skins. Since winter has cold climates, so it damages our skins and we need to take good care of our skins because if our skin looks good & healthy then we feel much more confident.


As nowadays winds are very cold so this leads to many of the skin side-effects like redness, bumps, sensitivity, etc. And, no wonder our skin often needs some extra care in the winter season.



In this article, we will tell you some simple tips that you can add to your daily life routine that will keep your skin looking healthy & moisturized, and looks good for an entire season long.




   Take Steam:


Taking steams in winter is very good for our skins. It opens the pores of your skin and makes it glow. After steaming your skin glows and also looks very healthy. It’s simple and you can easily add this to your routine. You can add some petals to it or your favorite essential oil also.



    Do Moisturize your skin:

Moisturize your skin daily as it is the first and most important step of our daily routine because rehydrate the skin layers and seal in the pores of the skin.

If you have dry skin then you can apply a thick and greasier moisturizer cream so it will be more effective and make your skin look flawless. The ideal time for applying moisturizer is immediately after bathing when your skin is still damp.


     Stay Hydrated:

 Hydration is also equally important for our skin. If our body is dehydrated then it causes dry and rough skin. As we don't feel exceptionally thirsty during winter, our water consumption is decreased. The probability of lack of hydration is accelerated in this cold climate. This is because the air we inhale is drier and our lungs need to work more enthusiastically. Hence, you need to stay hydrated to avoid skin issues during winters.  



     A Gentle Cleanser:

 The cleansers you were using in summers might not work for winters. Hence, They might dry your skin even more. So, we suggest you go for a gentle face cleanser that is probably soap-free.



For winters if you use gel or cream-based cleanser with salicylic acid that removes any impurities caused during colder months, without upsetting the skin's natural lipid barrier.


           Sleeping Mask:

     A good sleeping mask can also be a life-changing product during winters — A sleeping mask contains hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, exfoliating acids, and antioxidants like Vitamin C — which would all light up and hydrate your skin as you nap, so you awaken with suppler skin in the morning. These products are water-based, easily absorbable on the skin, and considerably lighter on the skin than your ordinary regular moisturizer. Therefore, if your skin is feeling an absence of hydration, it can also lead to a damaged skin barrier, and you feel irritation and many skin problems. 



The sleeping mask will help your skin to hydrate and that give you a glowing face during cold days. It also prevents your skin from breakouts or rosacea during winter days.


     Add Toner and Mists to your daily routine:

 Add up toners and  Mists to your daily routine, these are not only cleanse your skin but also moisturize your skin. The toners are full of surprise packages these days, as they smell divine, and also it has rich ingredients that will moisturize, hydrate, and nourish, and help you to get rid of the dullness of rough skin. It opens ups the pores and removes blackheads and oil on the face, and makes your skin breathe, and gives you a refreshed look.


It’s never too late to use toner on your skin, Check out these new toners that have rich ingredients and this gives you a refreshing new look.




     Moisturize your lips:
As our skin needs extra care as well as our lips too. During these cold days, our lips also became dry and looks chapped so we need to moisturize our lips too.
You can use a good lip balm or a jelly Vaseline that is very good for lips during winters. These products moisturize our lips and give you chapped-free lips.


There are many kinds of lip balms and are also available in many flavors. These lip balms smell nice and as well as moisturizes your lips for a whole day long during winters.



     Night care routines during winters:

You can also opt for a good night care routine that gives your skin a perfectly healthy and glowing look. In the night care routine, you can use a good sleeping mask or a moisturizer that nourishes your skin.


    Start prepping your skin with a milk cleanser or use raw milk.

    Exfoliate your skin on an alternative day, for exfoliation you can go for a gentle scrub or you can opt for the homemade scrub using oats, coffee or you can add either milk or coconut oil to it.

    Massage your skin on daily basis with an oil or aloe vera gel or rinse it with lukewarm water.

    Choose a good deep conditioning cream, get or a moisturizer that helps your skin to glow or moisturize it for the whole day long.

    Apply hydrating night mask once a week also gives your skin a calm and hydrates.


These are some simple tips that can help you to keep your skin glowing, radiant, healthy, and smooth even on these harsh cold days. Use these tips from today and maintain this routine for the whole winter season it will keep your skin moist and dewy.